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A Life Time of Knowledge

Western Aglands is owned and operated by Sunset Valley Organics / Wilt Farms Inc. by Bob Wilt, and the Wilt family.  Western Aglands offers a variety of products including Pacific Gro Fish Fertilizer, Sea Crop Concentrated Sea Water, Soil Provide Inoculum, Cascade Minerals Rock Dust, Perfect Blend Fertilizer, and more! If you would like more information on the products please check out our Products page, send us an email, or give us a call. 

Bob's Journey to Soil Recovery

In April of 2001 Bob Wilt walked through his conventional blueberry field and noticed that something was very wrong. He noticed that his current year’s fruitwood was half to one third the length that it had been three years previous, and instead of six to seven fruit buds per limb there was only one to two. As he walked down the rows the ground he walked on was like concrete. As he studied the dwarfed limbs he recalled that over the past three to four years the crop quality had been diminishing. While his fertilizer and pesticide bills were increasing inversely.


This is the typical dilemma that many conventional farmers are facing today. So what is the answer? For Bob it was to change his philosophy to biological farming. In the beginning years it was slow progress because he had to repair the soil that had been abused for many years and he had to self-teach himself about biological farming because there were no schools to teach the subject.


As the years past using good science based practices, that according to his neighbors, were outside the box, but his farm healed and is now thriving. The soils are soft and porous; the plants are vigorous with more fruit buds than ever before giving heavier crops than he has ever had, with some of the highest quality berries in the country.


In the past five years Bob has become very focused on nutrient density. Now that his quality is at this level consistently his crops are always sold out at the top of the organic market.


Bob has developed a very strong passion for biological farming and wants to share his self-taught education with other growers who may be experiencing the same dilemma he did fifteen years ago when there was no one to talk to, let alone teach.


The beauty of biological farming is that the rules are universal; they apply to all crops not just berries.

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